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Free video lectures about vascular innovations:


Free video lectures about brain disorder's management - neurodynamic management:

Free video lectures about e-learning:


Elementary level:

  • USD of vessels and soft head tissues, neck, upper and lower extremities (elementary course);
  • USD of brain extracranial vessels (elementary course);
  • USD of cerebral arteries and veins affection;
  • Neurosonography with cerebral vessels beds state estimation;
  • USD of upper and lower extremities vessels pathology;
  • USD of vascular pathology in internal organs;
  • USD in urology (vascular pathology);
  • USD in gynaecology and obstetrics (vascular system ‘’mother-placenta- fetus’’);
  • USD in orthopaedics (newborns and infants vascular pathology);
  • USD of supporting and motor system affection and injuries;

Improvers level:

  • US diagnostics of vascular channel in the brain with clinical interpretation
  • Technology of Blind Doppler for clinical intellectuals
  • Vascular screening technology (VST)
  • Angiomarker technology
  • Technology of evidential angiotherapy
  • Technology for restoration of blood supply to the brain, which provides effective psycho-neurorehabilitation and positive medical result
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